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Deep Cuts – Best Albums of All Time

The Other Side of Shel Silverstein

Deep Cuts – Best Albums of All Time

I grew up with Shel Silverstein poems – Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree were considered required reading for nearly everyone in my generation. It was not until years later that I also discovered that Silverstein was an accomplished songwriter. He penned Johnny Cash’s fan favorite “Boy Named Sue” as well as a number of other successful tracks. His own 1972 studio album Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball was an eclectic mix of wild songs and silly prose – and my first introduction to Silverstein as a musician.

What Should You Keep In Mind For Your Next Home Theater Build

3 Commonly Overlooked Aspects of Building a Home Theater in New York City

What Should You Keep In Mind For Your Next Home Theater Build

While planning out your home theater build for your New York City residence, most of your time will likely be taken up by the technical aspect of the project. How big should the screen be? Where to place the speakers for optimal surround sound? Do the colors of the projector recreate reality, or do they look too bright; too washed out? These are the types of high-level questions that occupy the minds of both first time builders and seasoned veterans. But there are other concerns that can make a huge difference when trying to sit back and enjoy the space. Here are a few tips to consider while planning your next home theater installation.

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LED Lighting a No-Brainer

Paying Less and Getting More is Always an Easy Decision for a Homeowner

LED Lighting a No-Brainer

When outfitting a home or office space, there are so many design and functionality considerations for those tasked with the job. Between furnishings, layout, efficiency, and many other facets of interior design, it can definitely be overwhelming. One area of interior design where there is an abundance of options yet is often overlooked is smart LED lighting. The choice, however, is simple. In 2015, it is almost a requirement to outfit any space with LED Lighting.

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Telsa P85D: The Smart Home Owner's Smart Automobile

Being Green With 681 Horsepower

In the twenty-first century, the recognition of the need for environmental consciousness and sustainability in all facets of our life is ever present. Smart Home Technologies have been transforming our lives towards convenience and cost-savings. Solar panels that absorb energy from sunlight and transfer that energy into electrical charge to power even the largest buildings have been incorporated in residences, office buildings, and many other types of buildings. Smart Lighting controls and systems dispense, distribute, and monitor this green energy towards efficiency that was once only dreamed of. Water conservation techniques and new developments in wastewater treatment have been integral in trying to provide an adequate and pathogen-free water supply to various populations at minimal environmental expense. The efforts towards environmental consciousness do not stop there. One of the more prominent trends in sustainability is the electric car. Electric cars reduce the necessity for fossil fuel consumption and thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions. One of the more prevalent brands in electric car technology is Tesla Motors. After founding PayPal, one of the most successful online financial exchange providers, Elon Musk moved on to bring Tesla Motors into fruition. Tesla Motors has found a very specific niche at the crossroads of the luxury automobile and environmentally conscious technology markets.

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