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Mark Levinson No.585 Trade-In Promotion- Up to 20% Off a New No.585

Limited Time Offer: Trade in a Qualifying Stereo Component for up to 20% Off a New Mark Levinson No.585

Mark Levinson No.585

Founded in 1972, the Mark Levinson® brand has become synonymous with extraordinary levels of audio performance and has a reputation in high-end audio design like no other. From that heritage comes perhaps the finest, most-accomplished integrated amplifier ever made: the No585. Combining Mark Levinson’s unsurpassed analog performance with advanced digital audio capability and flexible system configuration, the No585 pushes the reproduction of any source material to new levels of realism.


The foundation of the No585 is its fully discrete, mirror-imaged, dual-monaural analog circuitry featuring individual signal switching relays for each of its four stereo inputs: one XLR and three RCA. Volume controls use discrete 15-bit R-2R ladders and low-noise analog switches for the widest possible bandwidth and maximum signal integrity. The fully-differential Class AB power stage includes an oversized 900VA toroidal transformer with individual secondary windings for the left and right channels. Each elegantly simple amplifier channel utilizes twelve output transistors and multiple smaller local capacitors that allow them to be placed physically closer to the amplifiers for greater transient response when power is needed immediately. This robust architecture results in a conservative power rating of 200W per channel with stability into 2 ohms. System integration and expansion are possible using the stereo RCA preouts which can operate full-range or with an included switchable, second-order, 80Hz crossover filter allowing for seamless integration into 2.1-channel systems with powered subwoofers.


For a limited time only: Trade in a qualifying stereo component for up to 20% off a New Mark Levinson No.585. It's a fantastic way to upgrade the heart of your system. Audio Den is a proud Mark Levinson dealer.


Mark Levinson No.585 Trade In Offer

New Products and Features in Savant 7.2

New Products and Features in Savant 7.2

Savant has just announced its new releases and updates planned for 2015. After much anticipation, the upgraded Smart Host and app update is about to arrive. The unit, which has built-in control ports, is now able to sync with both smart and standard devices.

Savant Smart Host

New Savant Smart Host Features:

• Sleek, compact form factor for easier installation
• Enhanced performance for faster start-ups
• Most affordable entry point ever for a Savant System ($999)
• Enables control in up to 12 rooms of the home

Control your home’s temperature and lighting concepts with the new Savant 7.2 app upgrade, coming in May. In addition to seamlessly linking all of your homes entertainment and mood needs, the upgraded app will feature a notifications setting. This allows users to receive an email or app notification if something is out of order at home. Along with the exciting new Smart Host unit comes a reinvented Metropolitan wireless lighting unit. This elegant system offers homeowners complete lighting control throughout a home with smart Savant technology. With an easy to use interface and revolutionary adaptability, the new Metropolitan can blend in seamlessly with any décor.


With a modern look adaptable to any home, the reinvented Metropolitan lighting line offers incredible control throughout your Savant Home.

New Metropolitan Lighting Line Features:

          • Features Switches, dimmers, fan control and multi-functional keypads
          • Dials work as on/off buttons and either dimming or volume control
          • Automatically recognizes many different bulbs and works with almost any setup

Call or stop in today to learn about Savant's new exciting product line!

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Will the Apple Watch Live Up to the Hype?

Is the Apple Watch the Ultimate Home Automation Controller?

Will the Apple Watch Live Up to the Hype?

On March 9th Apple unveiled their newest endeavor, a new chapter in their longstanding history of convenient, user-friendly technology products. With the growing trend in technologically enhanced wearables, the Apple Watch is the latest member of Apple’s roster.

Slated to be released on April 24th with a pre-order date scheduled for April 10th, the Apple Watch will initially be available in the United States, European countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and Asian countries like Japan, China, and Hong Kong. The base price is $349.00 but some watches can fetch $17,000 with 18-karat gold infused into the watch’s external composition and varying options in the watchbands.

Storing Your Home Vinyl Record Collection

The Best Options for Storing your Vinyl Collection

Storing Your Home Vinyl Record Collection

LP collectors all over the world often struggle with the same problem – where to store your ever-growing collection. Beginner collectors may be fine with one box or crate in their bedroom but serious audiophiles need expansive space to hold their equipment and records. Aside from actual square footage, collectors also need storage solutions that have the ability to hold a large number of LPs without space or weight limits. Anyone who has ever had to move his or her record collection knows the familiar lower-back pain that comes with the process.

There are plenty of great storage solutions out there in every different price range. And as collecting LPs becomes popular again, there will only be more options to come. From simple wood or plastic crates to elaborate spinning displays, there are lots of ways for fans to stash their vinyl. But before you run and grab the credit card, assess your collection and home space before you buy. Someone with a couple of Simon and Garfunkel records may not need as elaborate of a set-up as someone who has been collecting since the folk duo first premiered.

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