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The Future is Now: Automatic Lighting Control Simplifies Your Day to Day

Residents of New York City Experience the Beauty of Integrated Lighting

The Future is Now: Automatic Lighting Control Simplifies Your Day to Day

The importance of lighting control can be seen throughout all of New York City. The bright lights of the city’s many tourist attractions lure visitors into museums, shopping centers and Broadway theaters. Dimly lit restaurants and bars beckon those who prefer quieter surroundings.

Interior designers and builders alike are rejoicing at the augmented beauty that customized lighting scenes from custom integrators like Audio Den, provide to their projects. With a personalized light scene one push transforms a room into a dimly lit entertaining space or dims all of the lights throughout your home. Audio Den now carries smart lighting solutions from Vantage, for premier integrated system control.

In addition to creating a beautiful space, how does smart lighting work to enhance the everyday life of a New York resident?

Come Home to a Secure Residence

Automating your lights not only helps bring beauty to your property but enhances your safety as well. When entering a dark room, the first thing many of us reach for is the light switch. But what if your hands are full or you are returning home late at night? Motion sensors turn on lights automatically as you enter your front door or any room in your home.

Experience Worry-Free Energy Savings

With many new homebuyers focused on ways to manage their energy output, it is becoming clear that a green home is a happy home. Occupancy sensors lend a hand to those who are forgetful and may sometimes leave a light on, wasting energy in the process. These sensors turn off lighting automatically when no motion is detected after an extended period of time – making saving energy and cutting back on your electric bill, as simple as leaving a room.

Cozy Up to Convenient Control

Preprogrammed timers can have your home wake up with you, gradually raising lighting levels or opening shades to let natural light fill your bedroom. Optimum comfort can be obtained by configuring lighting with other systems such as thermostats and shading. From an in-wall touch panel, a wireless remote control, or a mobile device, shades can raise and lights can easily be dimmed to the perfect level – setting the mood for a low-key night in or a relaxing evening entertaining friends.

Audio Den is a one stop shop for all of the audio, video and smart technology for your New York City project. Whether you are an architect, builder or interior designer, the team at Audio Den looks forward to working with you and helping you transform your project into a reality. Contact us today for more information on lighting control, motorized shading and occupancy sensors.