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Introducing the Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller

High-Resolution Multi-Room Audio at Your Fingertips.

Introducing the Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller
For the Audio Den client who is looking to automate a small to mid-sized home, with a particular interest in high-resolution multi-room audio, the Control4 EA-3 controller is the ideal solution.
Much like it’s smaller brother (the EA-1 which I discussed previously), the EA-3 is completely scalable with regards to automating ancillary systems in your smart home. Integration of automated lighting, climate control, IP cameras and irrigation can all be achieved with relative ease. It’s when the music starts flowing that this midsize brain really shines.
Under its hood, the EA-3 boasts a multi-core processor and an advanced audio architecture. The built-in music server with three audio outputs delivers high-resolution audio throughout the home from your local music library, popular streaming music services, and AirPlay-enabled devices using native Control4 ShairBridge technology.

With the EA-3 powering your home automation system, you can stream your favorite Frank Sinatra album on TIDAL in the comfort of your den, while the kids pump their iTunes by the pool and your wife listens to her workout playlist in the gym. All of these separate music streams can run simultaneously, without dropouts or system lag because the EA-3 has ample processing horsepower in reserve.
The previous generation of mid-sized controller cost 50% more than the EA-3 and didn’t offer nearly as much in way of processing power or streaming capabilities. Now that’s progress!

Give us a call at (631) 585-5600 if you have any questions. Better yet, feel free to stop by our shop and take the EA-3 for a test drive. We look forward to seeing you soon.

About the Author

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller

Aaron graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in Biological Anthropology. Aaron joined the Audio Den sales team in 2003 after several years in professional audio sales. In addition to sales, his responsibilities include project management, Control4 system programming, and marketing initiatives. Aaron is a “dead head” at heart, spending several years in his youth touring with the Grateful Dead. When not spending time with his son, he is cheering on his Alma Mater, Duke Basketball. Aaron is a certified Control4 Technician and McIntosh McMaster.