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Get a Professionally Installed CCTV Surveillance System for Your Long Island Home

Audio Den Offers Options for Surveillance Camera Systems

Get a Professionally Installed CCTV Surveillance System for Your Long Island Home

The phrase CCTV surveillance might conjure an image of grainy, black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. While this may have been true of the technology in years past, CCTV displays and surveillance capabilities have come a long way. Today’s systems offer color, high-resolution displays and the ability to zoom in on an image and track movement.

Have you considered hiring a professional to install a CCTV surveillance system in your Long Island home? With so many different types of security cameras to choose from, the hours of research required to make the best selection can be overwhelming. That’s where the experts at Audio Den come in. We’ve created a basic security camera guide to help you learn more about the different features each camera offers:

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are named for their distinctive dome-shaped lens cover. Since dome cameras are designed to be visible, these units are typically used in applications where the homeowner wants you to know that the area is being monitored. Dome cameras are available in weather-resistant and tamper-resistant housings, so they can be used for outdoor applications.

Discreet Cameras

As the name implies, discreet cameras come in many disguises including clocks, smoke detectors, and motion sensors. Discreet cameras can also be characterized as a conventional cameras that are placed in a discrete location. Typically, these cameras are used as nanny-cams or to keep an eye on the kids while you’re out of the house.

Bullet Cameras

This wall or ceiling-mounted camera unit has traditionally been used indoors, though it does have some outdoor applications. The camera is named for its sleek, cylinder shape and is typically waterproof. The key feature of this type of camera is its ability to capture images from a fixed space and is typically mounted pointing at a particular area--such as an entrance or hallway.

Day/Night Cameras

These versatile cameras have the ability to compensate for varying light conditions to capture images regardless of the time of day. This type of security camera is used primarily in outdoor installations, positioned to monitor an area like a parking lot. It can function in direct sunlight, harsh glare, and strong backlight.

Whether you want to protect your primary residence, keep an eye on your beach house, or monitor your home in the mountains, the experts at Audio Den will design and install a robust system that contributes to a safer and more secure home environment. Contact us to find out how.