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How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Moving Your Music Outdoors

Audio Den Extends the Reach of Your Long Island Home Entertainment Spaces

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Moving Your Music Outdoors

This is the most wonderful time of the year. No, it’s not Christmas— it’s summer! Your outdoor space is calling you to enjoy some the sun and late evenings with friends and family. What better way to augment your backyard fun than with a new compliment of outdoor music technology? Let the expert integrators at Audio Den guide you through the process of creating a high-quality, easy-to-operate outdoor entertainment space. 

Always Plan Ahead

The best way to create an outdoor space is to plan for it. This may sound obvious, but the point is to anticipate needs before you have them. It’s much easier to add a new component to existing wiring than it is to install wiring for a new component.

We can extend your current indoor system to your outdoor area and make sure the operation is seamless. Or, if you simply want to install a stand-alone music system on your patio, we can do that as well.

Much like the landscaping in your yard, establishing a thoughtful plan for your outdoor distributed audio speakers is also important. Choosing the correct style and number of speakers, as well as spacing them throughout your property will help you optimize the performance of your outdoor audio system.

Research the Right Speakers

Don’t settle for just any speakers when taking your music outside. You need quality outdoor speakers to withstand the weather and fill your yard with hi-fidelity sound.

As you search for speakers for your Long Island home, you will find plenty of options to match your distinctive style. For example, some outdoor speakers can be placed in your patio’s ceiling, others mounted under an eave, while others can be hidden in your landscaping. Audio Den can help you decide which speakers are best suited for your application.

Distribute your Audio in Zones

Properly segmenting your yard into well-defined audio zones is beneficial for many reasons. Discreet volume control of each zone will help you balance the sound throughout your property. You can also turn the individual zones on and off independently, allowing you to diversify your space without sacrificing the quality of the sound. 

With the proper preparation, you can transform your home by bringing high quality audio outdoors. Contact us to create a custom-designed solution to optimize your Long Island outdoor space.