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Increasing the Value of your Home with Custom Audio Video Systems and Home Automation Design

Increasing the Value of your Home with Custom Audio Video Systems and Home Automation Design

In the New York City and Long Island real estate markets, increased value is being placed on homes with technological enhancements in all areas of the residential experience. From the Hamptons to the upper west side, features like the virtual doorman, multi-zoned smart climate control systems, distributed audio/video systems and motorized shades are making homes more attractive to prospective buyers.

One of the more innovative technological advancements skyrocketing in popularity is the automated home, or smart home. While a home automation system has a multitude of functions, the overarching goal is to link necessary aspects of a high quality life together in one convenient process. Homeowners usually have the ability to alter settings throughout the house from a single location by using a central application. In bringing all of these elements of home management together in one cohesive system, users have the ability to maintain complete control of their property and home entertainment systems. Savant is one of the leading brands in automated home management technology. Savant’s tagline says it all: “there’s no substitute for peace of mind. Savant lets you rest easy, because home is always within reach.” The main components of the Savant integration system are lighting, climate control, security, and entertainment. Savant partners with numerous different companies and manufacturers that provide homes with the necessary fixtures and structural components. In entertainment, Savant allows residents to store data on the cloud, navigate their television to select the right show or movie, and sync playlists that have already been created. In the security space, Savant provides cameras that can be accessed via a mobile application, various different alert systems if something goes wrong, and even operate an intercom system remotely to communicate with someone at the front door. With respect to lighting, homes fitted with Savant are capable of turning off lights in vacant rooms and adjusting lighting throughout the entire home to maximize efficiency and energy conservation or set to predetermined scenes based on the homeowner’s desire. Savant’s climate control features include window and blinds adjustments, the allocation of excess solar energy to other areas of climate control, and stringent monitoring of energy use for cost-effectiveness. The home automation system can play an integral role in improving various different aspects of a home’s value and efficiency. Whether residents are planning to update their home to a more contemporary status, to make their home more attractive to prospective buyers, or to simply decrease the level of stress in maintaining a home universally, home automation is an excellent option. As we move through the twenty-first century, technological trends will take many forms. The opportunity to weave extremely eclectic technology into the home is presenting itself more commonly and we can only expect the benefits from these systems to grow. With Audio Den’s decades of experience of incorporating custom home automation systems, audio video systems, and home theater builds throughout New York City and Long Island you can rely on Audio Den to make your automated home a reality and, of course, add value to one our your most treasured assets.

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