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JL E-Series Subwoofers Deliver on Performance and Value

JL Subwoofers Compact Design Warrants Consideration for Long Island Home Theater Builds

JL E-Series Subwoofers Deliver on Performance and Value

Searching for the perfect subwoofer for a home theater build isn't an easy task. Deep impactful but controlled bass is as much an art as it is science. One of our most popular (and favorite) subwoofer brands is JL Audio. Their line of subwoofers, E-Sub, Fathom, and Gotham are some of the best in the world and possess a quality and value proposition virtually unmatched in the Home Theater design world.

The JL E-Series Subwoofers have a proprietary switching amplifier that can easily handle - and enhance - sound passing through it. The state of the art DMA-optimized long excursion driver helps explain many of the questions a purchaser may have regarding where the sound may be coming from as the compact size of the subwoofer may be too good to be true. It should also be noted that the E-Subs was built with a completely new amplifier system to keep the size relatively small (falling between ten and twelve inches) but keeping an efficient power supply to suit your needs and deliver impactful, but polite, bass. 

Another thing that's great about the E-Series Subwoofers is that they can easily find a home in your home theater or media room due to their two-channel switching system. The variable and polarity phase controls allow the speaker to blend the output with one of your main speakers. Thus, continuing to blur the line between where the main speaker low-end ends and the subwoofer begins.

The JL E110 and E112 (10” and 12” drivers, respectively) comprise the E-series line and are available in Black Ash and Deep Black Gloss. The E110 retails for $1500 in Black Ash, $1700 in Black Gloss and the E112 retails for $1900 in Black Ash and $2100 in Gloss Black.

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