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The New Groundbreaking Magnepan .7

Outstanding Musical Performance at a New Low Price

The New Groundbreaking Magnepan .7

Once in a while a product comes along that challenges our assumptions and makes the seemingly impossible, possible.  Magneplanars aren’t just premium, they’re what most audiophiles would consider necessities for the most immersive audio experience. The Magnepan 1.7 model was an instant hit amongst audio enthusiasts, so expect the .7 to deliver just as much bang for your buck.

The secret sauce that made the 1.7 such phenomenal loudspeakers is applied to the .7, which is intended for people who don’t have the space for the 1.7. The low-mass strips of aluminum bonded to sheets of Mylar in the .7 allows for lower distortion when compared to coned setups. Simply put, the .7 has the same quasi-ribbon technology that provides natural and full-range sound at a groundbreaking price of entry.

Setting up the .7 takes a bit of time and tweaking, but if the done right the audio it delivers is unmatched for the price, in fact, you might be fooled into thinking they are three times the cost. That’s not to say, however, that getting the ball rolling will take days of careful fidgeting to get that right sound. Just set the .7 roughly 3 feet away from the backward, and toe the speaker slightly inward to create the sweet spot. As with anything from Magnepan, you can expect out-of-this-world sound without burning a hole in your pocket.

If you have some vinyl lying around and are dying to revive them in some way, shape or form, then look no further. The Magnepan .7 will bring back the 50’s and 60’s, and possibly trick you into thinking it is a time machine. Audio Den is proud to be Long Island’s Magnepan dealer

About the Author

Justin Feldstein

Justin Feldstein

After a brief hiatus in Washington, DC to attend undergraduate (Go GDub!) and graduate school (Hoya Saxa!), Justin has come on-board full-time to head business development and help drive Audio Den into the future. His focus on organizational management, business processes, and web presence make sure Audio Den is running efficiently, effectively, and always honed in on the client experience. Justin brings a pragmatic and results-driven strategic vision to the team. As an unrelenting “digital native,” Justin also works in the field liaising with our installation and sales team in integrating emerging technologies. As James’s son, it was no coincidence that Justin’s first word was “peaker” (“speakers”). Justin is an avid sailor, diver, and is slowly but surely working on his private pilot’s license. Justin is a certified Control4 Installer and Audio Den's designated OSHA Safety Officer.

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