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Marantz Audio Transforms your Hamptons, NY Basement into a High-End Listening Room

The NA6005 Network Audio Player Revolutionizes Your Music Experience

Marantz Audio Transforms your Hamptons, NY Basement into a High-End Listening Room

Marantz Audio knows that there’re fewer things more important to you than your music. The right soundtrack can transform any moment of your life into something off of the silver screen. But sometimes, you just want to spend some time alone with your tunes. That’s why we suggest turning the unused lower level space in your Hamptons, NY home into a dedicated listening room, where you can soak up the sounds of pristine, high-end audio that immerses you in a world of sonic bliss.

With the recently released NA6005 Network Audio Player, Marantz has improved upon the near perfection of their previously released models, the NA11S1 and NA8005. Like its predecessors, the new model sports a rigid cabinet, extra strong power supply and hand-picked sound parts. However, the NA6005 adds a new level of access to your music that means you’ll have virtually infinite options.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Offer a Universe of Music

As you are setting up your listening room, hauling milk crates full of vinyl down to the basement, running your fingers along your CD rack and scrolling through your MP3 downloads on your iPod, it suddenly hits you – you need more music! Marantz audio feels your pain. That’s why they’ve included both Wi-Fi and Ethernet port with the NA6005. You’ll have access to thousands of internet radio stations and streaming services including Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay. And with the DLNA 1.5 compatibility, you can access all of the music files saved on your home server.

Say Good-bye to Ear Buds

We all know that earbuds are the worst. They’re small, they’re annoying, they don’t reproduce sound correctly – but ultimately they are a necessary evil for listening to your iPod or other mobile music device. But when you’re at home in your own dedicated listening room, you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality to listen to your digital device. Front end USB allows you to digitally transmit your music to the NA6005 for a new level of clarity, richness and texture.

Total Control at your Fingertips

High-end audio can be pretty daunting. When faced with all of the features that are standard on Marantz audio equipment, you might get overwhelmed with all of the things your receiver can do for you and your dedicated listening room. That’s why they’ve created simple and intuitive control options. You can command it all either directly on the large display, or from the comfort of your chair with the Marantz Hi-Fi Remote App. Your entire system can come alive with just the simple touch of a button.

Are you ready to achieve the high-end listening room of your dreams? Contact us to take your first steps toward Marantz audio nirvana in your Hamptons NY home.