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We're Tickled. Vote for Audio Den in the "Best of LI"!

Audio Den is Nominated for Best Home Theater Specialist

We're Tickled. Vote for Audio Den in the
We Need you Help. 

We are excited to announce that Audio Den is nominated in the 11th Annual Bethpage Press' "Best of Long Island." Our clients are our greatest advocates and we thank you for getting us this far! But we need your help to bring home the gold. Please Vote for us in the Home & Garden Ballot under "Home Theater Specialist." You can vote daily ad the polls run through December 15! 

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Todays Home Network Requires Enterprise-Grade Equipment

HD Video and Hi Res Audio Requires Robust Home Networks

With the increasing demand of home networks due to multiple users, HD video streaming and high-resolution audio streaming, the days of using $49 routers are over. Consider home networking upgrade Long Island NY and home networking upgrade NYC to enterprise-grade or small business solutions for better speed, enhanced function and more security. As a matter of fact, when you toss out your ancient AC router, you’ll be able to surf the web about twice as fast with an upgrade.

Can only one person in your home stream Netflix at a time? Are there rooms in your home where Wi-Fi cannot be accessed? Ever wonder who else is using your network? Is your basement or backyard a dead zone? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for a home networking upgrade Suffolk County NY, home networking upgrade Hamptons NY and home networking upgrade Nassau County NY. Audio Den offers both wireless and wired network infrastructure upgrades to meet the demands of today’s home networks.

Beyond speed, enterprise-grade routers are designed with lots of connected devices in mind. Behind the scenes, these routes operate three networks while older and cheaper routers only have two. This translates to no competition between your devices. Laptops and tablets can live on one network, a smart TV on a second and a bandwidth-hogging Xbox on a third network.

Interested in getting the best overall performance from your home network? Turn to Long Island’s premier audio, video, automation and home theater specialist Audio Den. Audio Den can upgrade and optimize your home network system using the latest technology in enterprise-grade or small business solutions. And with Audio Den at the helm, you don’t have to worry about downloading software or using apps for the installation. Audio Den takes care of everything for you. Plus, you’ll get impeccable customer service. Visit our website today at

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Get a Professionally Installed CCTV Surveillance System for Your Long Island Home

Audio Den Offers Options for Surveillance Camera Systems

Get a Professionally Installed CCTV Surveillance System for Your Long Island Home

The phrase CCTV surveillance might conjure an image of grainy, black and white monitors with no interactive capabilities. While this may have been true of the technology in years past, CCTV displays and surveillance capabilities have come a long way. Today’s systems offer color, high-resolution displays and the ability to zoom in on an image and track movement.

Have you considered hiring a professional to install a CCTV surveillance system in your Long Island home? With so many different types of security cameras to choose from, the hours of research required to make the best selection can be overwhelming. That’s where the experts at Audio Den come in. We’ve created a basic security camera guide to help you learn more about the different features each camera offers:

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Wilson Audio's Wares: Now Available At Audio Den

Audio Den is Long Island's only Wilson Audio Dealer

Wilson Audio's Wares: Now Available At Audio Den

Scientists have long understood the extensive health and psychological benefits of listening to music, and Wilson Audio is committed to spreading these benefits as widely as possible. For the past four decades, Wilson has invested in developing the best audio equipment available, providing its customers with an ever increasing standard of music quality. Audio Den is now an Authorized Wilson Audio Dealer, selling premium Wilson Audio products such as:

The Alexandria XLF

The latest in the acclaimed Alexandria speaker line, the XLF doesn't just improve upon its predecessors, but takes sound quality to a whole new level. Designed to eliminate any disparity between live music and recordings, it is one of the first products on the market to use passive bass technology. It has 14% more bass enclosure volume than its predecessors as well as improved bracing and thicker walls. The Audio Beat calls these speakers "unifying forces" marked by "coherence in both the frequency and spatial realms."

The MAXX Series 3

Since their introduction in 1998, MAXX speakers have been some of Wilson's most popular products. Customers praised the MAXX Series 1 and Series 2 for their pristine audio and durable equipment, but rave reviews didn't stop Wilson from trying to do even better. The MAXX 3 incorporates Wilson's new Midrange driver. With one of the broadest bandwidths in the music industry, the Midrange plays music in such intimate detail as to resemble a live event. Along with improved crossover and other updates, this allowed the MAXX Series 3 to win Stereophile's 2009 Loudspeaker of the Year Award.

The Duette Series 2

Loudspeakers are best placed out in the open, but if limited space forces consumers to mount them near a wall, Wilson still gives them options. The Duette line is designed to provide the highest quality music under less than ideal conditions. Walls, bookcases, and other boundaries interfere with frequency response and dynamics, compromising sound quality, but the Duette's external crossover counters this problem, providing pristine music in tight spaces. The Duette Series 2 improves on the original Duette, incorporating a rear isolation chamber and a front baffle to further improve sound quality.

Thor's Hammer

Named after the legendary thunder god's most powerful weapon, Thor's Hammer is only 5 feet in height yet is one of the most powerful subwoofers on the market. The Hammer picks up a broad spectrum of sound, making even 16 Hz notes easy to hear. Its dual-spider driver minimizes distortions, allowing you to hear every detail of even the most elaborate movies and musical performances. The subwoofers possess dynamic speed capabilities, allowing them to adapt to changes in pace and continue playing audio clearly. Thor's Hammer is perfect for both home theater and music systems, and won The Absolute Sound's 2013 Editors' Choice Award for Subwoofers.


Music is necessary for good health, so don't rely on sub-par equipment to play your favorite tunes. Visit Audio Den today for Wilson products and other state-of-the-art music equipment.

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