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Articles tagged with: Custom Smart Home

Tivo Roamio: The Intuitive Multi-room Smart Home DVR

Stream HD Video, Store 1000 of Hours of DVR Content, and Download for Offline Viewing

Tivo Roamio: The Intuitive Multi-room Smart Home DVR

The Roamio is the latest in a long line of consumer level digital video recorders from Tivo. It takes all of the features that home users everywhere have come to love and elevates them to the next level, allowing you one simple solution for all of your over the air TV recording needs.

 Tivo Roamio Features

The Tivo Roamio includes four separate tuners, allowing you to record up to four different shows at the same time. All four tuners are fully HD compatible, meaning that you can enjoy the benefit of full high definition, 1080p or 720p playback whenever you'd like.

To make things even better, the device comes with a 500 gigabyte hard drive - larger than what you would be able to get from renting a DVR on a monthly basis from most cable television service providers. This will allow you to store hundreds of hours of full HD video without needing to worry about what you're going to be forced to delete to make room for the latest episode of your favorite show.

Perhaps the best feature of the Roamio (and the biggest difference from previous iterations of the company's DVR systems) has to do with the built-in Wi-Fi connection and the large number of streaming apps that are available. When you're not using your DVR to record over the air shows, you can use it to connect to the Internet and watch streaming content from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu and more.

Using the Roamio

Since its inception, Tivo is a company that has always prided itself on simplicity. The Tivo Roamio continues this fine tradition by offering software that is not only easy to use, but an interface that is even easier to navigate. The graphical user interface of the Roamio has been redesigned and streamlined compared to older models, allowing you to begin recording much faster and change any necessary settings with minimal hassles.

Smart Home Connectivity

Because the Tivo Roamio is connected to your home Wi-Fi network, you can also control it in a number of ways that have nothing to do with the recorded remote. You can use iOS and Android apps to use your tablet or smartphone to delete shows, add new recordings and more whenever you'd like. You can even access the DVR while you're away from home to set a recording that you forgot to do before you left the house.

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LED Lighting a No-Brainer

Paying Less and Getting More is Always an Easy Decision for a Homeowner

LED Lighting a No-Brainer

When outfitting a home or office space, there are so many design and functionality considerations for those tasked with the job. Between furnishings, layout, efficiency, and many other facets of interior design, it can definitely be overwhelming. One area of interior design where there is an abundance of options yet is often overlooked is smart LED lighting. The choice, however, is simple. In 2015, it is almost a requirement to outfit any space with LED Lighting.

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Increasing the Value of your Home with Custom Audio Video Systems and Home Automation Design

Increasing the Value of your Home with Custom Audio Video Systems and Home Automation Design

In the New York City and Long Island real estate markets, increased value is being placed on homes with technological enhancements in all areas of the residential experience. From the Hamptons to the upper west side, features like the virtual doorman, multi-zoned smart climate control systems, distributed audio/video systems and motorized shades are making homes more attractive to prospective buyers.

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New Products and Features in Savant 7.2

New Products and Features in Savant 7.2

Savant has just announced its new releases and updates planned for 2015. After much anticipation, the upgraded Smart Host and app update is about to arrive. The unit, which has built-in control ports, is now able to sync with both smart and standard devices.

Savant Smart Host

New Savant Smart Host Features:

• Sleek, compact form factor for easier installation
• Enhanced performance for faster start-ups
• Most affordable entry point ever for a Savant System ($999)
• Enables control in up to 12 rooms of the home

Control your home’s temperature and lighting concepts with the new Savant 7.2 app upgrade, coming in May. In addition to seamlessly linking all of your homes entertainment and mood needs, the upgraded app will feature a notifications setting. This allows users to receive an email or app notification if something is out of order at home. Along with the exciting new Smart Host unit comes a reinvented Metropolitan wireless lighting unit. This elegant system offers homeowners complete lighting control throughout a home with smart Savant technology. With an easy to use interface and revolutionary adaptability, the new Metropolitan can blend in seamlessly with any décor.


With a modern look adaptable to any home, the reinvented Metropolitan lighting line offers incredible control throughout your Savant Home.

New Metropolitan Lighting Line Features:

          • Features Switches, dimmers, fan control and multi-functional keypads
          • Dials work as on/off buttons and either dimming or volume control
          • Automatically recognizes many different bulbs and works with almost any setup

Call or stop in today to learn about Savant's new exciting product line!

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