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Articles tagged with: Hamptons

Introducing the Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller

High-Resolution Multi-Room Audio at Your Fingertips.

Introducing the Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller
For the Audio Den client who is looking to automate a small to mid-sized home, with a particular interest in high-resolution multi-room audio, the Control4 EA-3 controller is the ideal solution.
TAGS: Audio Den | Control4 | Hamptons | High-Resolution Audio | Home Automation | Long Island | New York City | streaming | TIDAL

You Don't Need to Spend A Lot to Achieve Great Sound

Groundbreaking Products from Magnepan and Paradigm Prove Performance Can be Had for Less

You Don't Need to Spend A Lot to Achieve Great Sound
You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get excellent performance and value from your music playback system. We were recently presented with two perfect examples of this reality – by two different manufactures – in two completely different product categories.
TAGS: Audio Den | Hamptons | Hi-Fi Audio | Long Island | Magnepan | Paradigm | speakers | Value | Wireless Speaker

5 Reasons to Add Motorized Shades to Your Home in the Hamptons

Audio Den Reveals the Benefits of this High-Tech Amenity

5 Reasons to Add Motorized Shades to Your Home in the Hamptons

From vacuum cleaners and hair dryers to clocks and washing machines, the list of items with electric motors that we use every day is endless. Appliances with electric motors add convenience, save us time, and make life a little bit easier. But is there any reason to have motorized shades in your Hamptons, NY home? Why yes there are! Read on to learn five excellent reasons to consider adding this high-tech amenity.

TAGS: Hamptons | save energy | shades

Audio Den - Long Island's Analog Audio and Turntable Experts

The value of shopping locally for your turntable on Long Island

Audio Den - Long Island's Analog Audio and Turntable Experts

I took a call last week from a local gentleman inquiring about turntables, phono cartridges and preamps. After speaking with him for several minutes he readily admitted that he was picking my brain so he could make an educated purchase from an online retailer.

“I’d buy the turntable from you,” he said “but there’s no way you can compete with the prices I’m seeing online.”

I assured him that as far as price is concerned, Audio Den is competitive with most of the online retailers. There are always going to be a few bad actors that will drop their pants for a quick sale. As our conversation continues, I explained how Audio Den has been dealing with these types of resellers in our local market for decades.

Our conversation having finished and his analog higher education course complete, we cordially wished each other well and ended the phone call.

Not surprisingly, the same gentleman stopped by Audio Den yesterday to purchase a turntable, an upgraded cartridge and a phono preamp.

While our lead turntable technician Bob was in our shop mounting the cartridge, the gentleman explained how after we spoke he made a few more calls to some of the online retailers he was considering.

“Not a single person I spoke to had half the knowledge – or patience for my questions – as you did. And none of those companies was willing to mount the cartridge for me. They told me I would have to set up the turntable myself…or find someone local to do the set-up for me.”

“At that point,” he explained “I was willing to drive the 45 minutes to your shop and purchase my system from you.”

Bob soon emerged from the shop with the turntable set-up and ready for action. We promptly hooked it up to one of our many demo systems and dropped the stylus on the first side of Dire Strait’s seminal work Love Over Gold.

The look on the gentleman’s face was priceless. The performance of the table was beyond what he thought possible – and we explained that it hadn’t even broken in yet…

“Just wait,” we told him.

The kicker came when he discovered that the price for this kind of carriage service was basically the same as he found online. As we packed up his turntable for the drive home, he flipped through our LP display and picked out a handful of choice selections. He thanked us and told us he’d be back with a friend who is also looking for an analog set-up.

“You guys even have Okki Nokki record cleaning machines. Cool! I’ll grab one of those next time I see you.”

The internet is a wondrous thing – one that makes buying goods and services as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. We should know – Audio Den has an ecommerce website.

However, if you’re looking to purchase a turntable, there is nothing better than having a local shop to help you navigate through the somewhat daunting process.

Now imagine there is a local shop that has a wide selection of turntables, cartridges, preamps and accessories on display. Better still, what if that same shop has 40 years of analog expertise at its ready and an electrical engineer on staff to answer even your most esoteric, geeky questions…

Good news – you don’t need to use your imagination to find such a shop. Audio Den is conveniently located at 2845 Middle Country Road in Lake Grove – and we look forward to spinning some vinyl with you.

TAGS: analog audio | Audio Den | Hamptons | Long Island | Manhattan | nassau county | stylus | suffolk county | turntable | turntable cartridge