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Articles tagged with: Hamptons

The Sound of the Speaker

How Electricity Makes High-End Speakers Work

The Sound of the Speaker

Everyone loves to hear and feel sound of a great pair of speakers from world class brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Paradigm, and Goldenear. But just how does electricity make speakers work? Speakers come in a plethora of sizes and shapes and can accommodate us anywhere from our cars to our homes. With advances in technology, speakers play a huge role in listening to our phones and iPads as well.

TAGS: Audio Den | Hamptons | Hi-Fi Audio | Home Audio | How Speakers Work | Long Island | New York City

Would-be Intruders Shy Away from Automated Homes

Well Lit Homes with Life-like Lighting Scenes Should Be Part of Your Home's Security Strategy

Smart Home technology has the ability to transform the lives of anyone who makes the decision to outfit their residence with a home automation system. Any homeowner who desires an increased quality of life, convenience via high-end technology, and overall peace of mind can look to Smart Home technology to fulfill these desires and more.

Being a homeowner can be stressful, especially in New York. Whether you reside in Brooklyn or out East in the Hamptons, countless threats to the homeowner’s safety and to the homeowner themselves can occur in various forms. A particularly stressful component of owning a home is the potential for trespassing and burglary. However there are many steps that can be taken to ensure that one’s home is protected and secured in all facets.

TAGS: Audio Den | Control4 | East Hampton | Hamptons | Home Automation | Lighting Control | Long Island | New York City | Smart home | Smart Lighting

Audio Den adds Ortofon to Analog Audio Offerings

Audio Den adds Ortofon to Analog Audio Offerings

Audio Den is proud to announce that it is now an authorized Ortofon dealer. Ortofon specializes in vinyl record equipment, specifically known for its cartridges, styli, and accessories. As Long Island's high-end audio specialist with over 50 years of experience in analog, tube components, and turntables, Audio Den is pleased to align their brand with Ortofon's line of quality products.

TAGS: Analog Audio | Cartridge | Hamptons | Hi-Fi Audio | Long Island | New York City | Ortofon | Turntables

Audio Den Brings Constellation Audio to High End Audio Portfolio

Inspiration Pre-amp and Stereo 1.0 Now Available for Long Island Demo

Audio Den Brings Constellation Audio to High End Audio Portfolio

Audio Den is pleased to announce a new high-end audio line to its repertoire of the best in home audio technologies- Constellation Audio. Since 2008, Constellation Audio has been making top of the line audio equipment that focuses on unsurpassed quality.

TAGS: Audio Den | Audiophile systems | Constellation Audio | Constellation Hercules | Constellation Inspiration | Constellation Virgo | East Hampton | Hamptons | Hi-Fi Audio | HiFi | High End Audio | high end stereo system | Home Audio | Long Island | New York City | Stereo | stereo system