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Articles tagged with: Headphones

PSB's Productivity: Quality Music With M4U Headphones

PSB's Productivity: Quality Music With M4U Headphones

Music brings good health and peace of mind, but many struggle to find the free time and solitude to embrace these benefits. PSB's Music For You, or M4U, headphones let you listen to your favorite songs in any environment.

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Audeze Advances: El-8 Headphones For High-Quality Entertainment

Already known for making some of the highest-quality headphones on the market, Audeze has recently made an effort to extend high-quality sounds to consumers with more limited budgets. Its new EL-8 headphones do just this, offering one of the most cost effective sources of premium sound quality. Their features include:

  • Fluxor Magnets- A new technology designed specifically for Audeze's headphones, Fluxor Uniforce magnets divert more power to the side of the headphones facing the driver, streamlining the headphones' power system.
  • Comprehensive Padding- The headphones have thick, absorbent padding around the ears and up top, allowing you to listen in comfort for hours.
  • Wooden Veneer- These headphones combine black pads and support structure with a light wooden veneer, giving a more varied appearance than other models.
  • High Sensitivity- EL-8s play high-quality music from a wide variety of sources, including smartphones and portable music devices. This sets them apart from most other planar headphones, which require an external amplifier to play at high quality.
  • Power Use- EL-8s are designed to handle power more efficiently, meaning raising the volume won't sacrifice sound quality.

Consumers praise EL-8 headphones for their accurate, dynamic sounds, good resolution, and stylish design. They are particularly good at capturing bass sounds, doing so more precisely than other headphones.

Open Back or Closed?

To accommodate different listening preferences, Audeze has created both open back and closed back headphones. Closed back units are designed for use in public spaces. They block out most ambient sound, allowing you to focus on your music in even the noisiest areas.  They also prevent your music from leaking out to the general public, meaning that you can listen to the loudest sounds in public without disturbing others.

Whereas closed back units are designed for public spaces, open backed ones are ideal for use at home or in private spaces. Partial openings in the sides of the headphones allow ambient noises in and your music out, causing the two sounds to mix together as they would during a live performance. Many listeners believe that this produces a better listening experience, though it also makes this model of headphones infeasible in public places.

Cable Concerns

Headphone cables are frequently subject to tangling, causing them to break or pull the headphones off your head if you don't realize they're tangled before trying to move. To fix this problem, Audeze creating gold-plated cable connectors for its EL-8 headphones, designing them to break off with as little resistance as possible. Audeze offers three separate cables for different kinds of players:

  • A non-microphonic cable for high resolution players, such as PonoPlayer, and Sony PHA-3
  • A microphonic cable for Apple iOS devices, complete with an in-line remote
  • A non-microphonic cable to use with Astell & Kern players

Audeze never stops innovating, and Audio Den always stays up-to-date stocking the best headphones, players, and other devices. For more on entertainment technology, automation, energy management, and other ways to upgrade your home, visit our website today.

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Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone

M&D Delivers High-Performance Audio with Devilishly Good Looks and Superior Build Quality

Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone

Master and Dynamic isn’t exactly what we would consider a household brand nor would we want it to be. Some things are just better off kept quiet, and only those that can appreciate design enough should be able to savor the sounds that come out of these headphones.

There are plenty of high-priced, over-hyped, brand name, headphones out there, but only a few actually make the cut when it comes to design and build quality. We’re not going to point any fingers here, and we don’t want to. We just want everyone in the headphone industry to listen up and take a cue from Master and Dynamic.

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