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Articles tagged with: Hi-Fi Audio

Audio Den Brings AudioQuest Into the Fold

High End Audio Intereconnects, HDMI and Digital Wire, along with must have accessories

Audio Den Brings AudioQuest Into the Fold

Audio Den -- long known as Long Island's destination for high-quality audio, video, home theater and automation equipment -- is proud to announce their affiliation with AudioQuest as an Authorized Dealer. As a locally-owned and operated company, Audio Den is committed to bringing their clients the best accessories that are designed to enhance their audio and visual experiences -- at home, on the road and at events.

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Reissue of the Month: Red House Painters Box Set – Red House Painters

For Fans Of: Neil Young, Simon & Garfunkel, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith

Reissue of the Month: Red House Painters Box Set – Red House Painters

Today, singer/songwriter Mark Kozelek is best known for his work as
Sun Kil Moon. Benji, his latest LP under this moniker, was one of 2014’s most acclaimed albums, and featured prominently in a number of year-end lists. In the wake of this widespread critical success, there’s plenty of reason to look back at the lifespan of Red House Painters, Kozelek’s first musical project.

TAGS: Hi-Fi Audio | Turntable | Vinyl Record

Album of the Month: Bit By the Fang -- John Andrews and the Yawns

For Fans of: The White Album, The Basement Tapes, early Flaming Lips, Woods

Album of the Month: Bit By the Fang -- John Andrews and the Yawns

Though credited to John Andrews and The Yawns, Bit By the Fang is actually the one-man debut from Andrews, a multi-instrumentalist and member of the neo-psych collectives Woods and Quilt. As for The Yawns, they’re credited as an “imaginary back-up band,” and that description offers a pretty good indication of Bit By the Fang’s pleasantly warped vibe.

TAGS: Hi-Fi Audio | Long Island

The Sound of the Speaker

How Electricity Makes High-End Speakers Work

The Sound of the Speaker

Everyone loves to hear and feel sound of a great pair of speakers from world class brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Dynaudio, Paradigm, and Goldenear. But just how does electricity make speakers work? Speakers come in a plethora of sizes and shapes and can accommodate us anywhere from our cars to our homes. With advances in technology, speakers play a huge role in listening to our phones and iPads as well.

TAGS: Audio Den | Hamptons | Hi-Fi Audio | Home Audio | How Speakers Work | Long Island | New York City