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Articles tagged with: Hi-Fi Audio

Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Bring True Sound to Your New York Residence

Fill Your Long Island Home with Superb Sound

Bowers & Wilkins Speakers Bring True Sound to Your New York Residence

In 1966, Bowers & Wilkins was launched with a singular purpose. Namely, the pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker. Crafted with a dedication to detail and a love of music, Bowers & Wilkins speakers can be found in famed recording studios like Abbey Road, as well as the living rooms of discerning audiophiles.

Decades of research and craftsmanship are built into each speaker, providing an unmatched listening experience for your home theater, contemporary media room or kitchen. What sets Bowers & Wilkins speakers apart from the competition?

TAGS: Audio Den | Bowers & Wilkins | Hi-Fi Audio | High-end Speakers | Superior Sound Quality

Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone

M&D Delivers High-Performance Audio with Devilishly Good Looks and Superior Build Quality

Master & Dynamic: Not your Average Headphone

Master and Dynamic isn’t exactly what we would consider a household brand nor would we want it to be. Some things are just better off kept quiet, and only those that can appreciate design enough should be able to savor the sounds that come out of these headphones.

There are plenty of high-priced, over-hyped, brand name, headphones out there, but only a few actually make the cut when it comes to design and build quality. We’re not going to point any fingers here, and we don’t want to. We just want everyone in the headphone industry to listen up and take a cue from Master and Dynamic.

TAGS: Headphones | Hi-Fi Audio

The New Groundbreaking Magnepan .7

Outstanding Musical Performance at a New Low Price

The New Groundbreaking Magnepan .7

Once in a while a product comes along that challenges our assumptions and makes the seemingly impossible, possible.  Magneplanars aren’t just premium, they’re what most audiophiles would consider necessities for the most immersive audio experience. The Magnepan 1.7 model was an instant hit amongst audio enthusiasts, so expect the .7 to deliver just as much bang for your buck.

TAGS: Audio Den | Hi-Fi Audio | High end audio | Magnepan | Magneplanar Speaker | MG _7

Analog Sounds Better Than Digital

Listening to music on vinyl is a superior option to digital playback

Analog Sounds Better Than Digital

I just spent an hour sitting with a client in one of our listening rooms, demoing the Marantz TT-15S1 acrylic turntable. With virtually every drop of the stylus, he would turn to me and exclaim, “How does this sound so much better than the CD version of the same album? It doesn’t make sense. Isn’t digital better?”

TAGS: Audio Den | Coltrane | Ella | Hi-Fi Audio | Joe Pass | Louis Armstrong | Marantz | turntable | Vinyl