Like the members of any successful team, the individual components that make up your audio, video and smart home automation systems must work in concert with each other.   Audio Den has carefully selected the manufacturers with whom we partner.   We strive to provide our clients with stable, reliable, easy to use technology solutions and demand these same qualities from the products we integrate into our systems.   Below are a few of these best-in-class manufacturers that Audio Den is proud to call our partners.


AudioQuest, founded in 1980 by William E. Low, is a manufacturer of audio/video cables, digital-to-analog converters, headphones, power-conditioning products, and various audio/video accessories—all designed to match high levels of performance with exceptional value.

Audio Research is one of the oldest continually operating manufacturers in American audio. The company was founded in 1970 in Minneapolis with one goal in mind: to advance the state-of-the-art in music reproduction. Today, Audio Research remains a performance-oriented company by philosophy and design. New product introductions are driven only by genuine advances in technology and performance - the HIGH DEFINITION that is the hallmark of the company's products. The company occupies a 48,000 square-foot, technically-advanced production plant and administrative headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota.

Dynaudio’s expertise in cabinet manufacturing has been established over many years, achieving an excellent quality that lasts for decades. The model diversity covers everything from Evidence reference loudspeakers to classic bookshelf or floor models, as well as very compact on-wall or discreet custom installation speakers. Experience the difference with Audio Den and change the way you listen to your favorite music in the comfort of your Long Island home.

With more and more smart electronics playing a central role in our daily lives, they deserve an even smarter role at home or facility. Control4 has the mastermind smart home automation solutions, making it possible for virtually any appliance or device in your home business to intelligently communicate with another, from locks to lights, doors to drapes, and you the ability to control them, no matter where you are.

Savant transforms your Apple® iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch® and even your traditional HDTV into your very own personalized control portal for everything that matters most in your life or business. Through home automation, Savant becomes your light switch, your thermostat, your personal media player, your on/off, open/close, up/down button from just about anywhere in the world. What was once complex and confusing technology is now progressively smart with Savant.

Vantage has developed control and automation solutions specifically tailored toward luxury spaces for over 25 years. From boardrooms to boutiques, homes to hotels, our solutions deliver a no-compromise approach to simplifying complexity and providing scalable future-ready systems with unique user interface experiences. Vantage provides the unique perspective necessary to help you meet your most challenging control and automation project demands.

You don’t need multiple remotes just to watch television, or a wall filled with switches and knobs that takes you three tries to find the right light. Take control of your home with just one button press from a sleek Crestron touch panel, designer engraved keypad or your iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® touch. Select a movie to watch or music to enjoy from your favorite chair. Adjust your lights, shades, temperature and check on your alarm system without getting out of bed. The comfort and convenience of the ultimate technology lifestyle can be yours with smart home automation and lighting control. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you can imagine, Crestron can do.

If you’re a true audiophile who treasures the finest in audio entertainment - someone who wants to be closer to the original event than ever before possible - the Clarus Collection of audiophile-quality cables from Clarus Sound promises to immerse you in the ultimate listening experience. Engineered by celebrated cable designer Jay Victor, each of its high-end cables incorporates a host of patented and patent-pending technologies and is constructed of the finest metallurgy and materials - CNC-machined gold-plated connectors, individually insulated interconnect and speaker cable strands, new multi-gauge innovations and precision impedances - complemented by painstakingly meticulous hand craftsmanship.

Founded in 1991, Nordost Corporation is a high-technology cable manufacturer specializing in the audio and medical fields, using precision conductor solutions first developed for the aerospace industry and in conjunction with NASA for the space shuttle program. This grounding in the mission-critical fields of space flight and micro-surgery has afforded the company an enviable research budget and an unprecedented degree of manufacturing accuracy and consistency.


The philosophy behind the unique Marantz sound: We know that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended, even in the cinema. It is music that delivers the ecstasy and agony of a film’s story. To Marantz, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, excitement and emotion of music.

Bowers & Wilkins provides a range of home theater systems, hi-fi speakers with iPod speakers, headphones, subwoofers, surround sound, studio monitors, floorstanders and more. Bowers & Wilkins has a long history of technological innovation in its pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker. Whether it’s the innovative use of materials such as Kevlar and Diamond, finding new solutions to complex engineering conundrums, or ‘eureka moments’ of brilliance, Bowers & Wilkins engineers constantly strive to bring the best possible sound.

Founded in 1974, just two years before Audio Den’s inception, David Wilson has been designing some of the most desirable loudspeakers in the world. Focused on Audio Excellence, Wilson delivers high-performance, exceptional value, and innovative designs.

“The joy of the highest levels of musical elation.” Our corporate philosophy since our foundation has been embodied through providing superb audio and video products for over 21 years. Now, to further pursue our corporate credo, we shall aspire to reinforce our own corporate identity by the same token. From analog discs to analog tapes, CDs to Super Audio CDs, videotape to DVDs, there were several transitions and technical innovations in auditory and visual media. ESOTERIC, which was born in the midst of such transition, shall pursue a unique path as a high-end audio-video brand, focusing on components of higher value and adding amplifiers into our product line. This evolution allows us to merge both high recording and replay technologies, based on our own technical innovation and proprietary technologies.

The people behind the scenes at McIntosh possess a desire to achieve the finest quality standards. McIntosh audio has defined quality sound reproduction and sets the standards for performance, reliability and service. A locally-based New York company, McIntosh has handcrafted prestige audio products in Binghamton, NY since 1949.

The goal of high-end analogue is to perfectly merge technology, workmanship and design and subordinate them to one single target: the best possible music reproduction. At Clearaudio, development, design and production remain firmly in the hands of a perfectly experienced and attuned team of specialists who never lose sight of that goal, and who uphold the Clearaudio philosophy and high quality standards.

Discover Ayre and lose yourself in the moment... intimately experiencing music and cinema that is perfectly timed and naturally alive. Ayre Acoustics, Inc. has been designing and building superior quality, award-winning audio and video equipment since 1993. Ayre is recognized as a world leader in the industry, and its full line of audio and video components sets new standards in innovation, design, and performance. We proudly offer the finest equipment for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Magnepan has been manufacturing innovative, world class stereo speakers for 45 years. Jim Winey, the inventor of the Magneplanar loudspeaker, first owned electrostatic loudspeakers and began experimenting with designing an improved electrostatic speaker. In 1969, Jim invented the Magneplanar, a thin-film magnetic equivalent to the electrostat and founded Magnepan. Corporate and manufacturing facilities are located in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, a small community north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis. Having outgrown its original facilities, Magnepan’s current plant is over 50,000 square feet in addition to corporate and engineering offices. To date, over 200,000 pairs of Magneplanar loudspeakers have found their way into the homes of music lovers the world over. Magneplanars are American-made with virtually all American parts. And we are proud to say-- “Made in America. Sold in China”.

For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Pro-Ject’s manufacturing facility in Litovel, situated to the east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country. Pro-Ject Audio Systems is currently one of the world’s leading suppliers of record players, with a range of models designed to satisfy all levels of expectation and budget. In many of the world’s countries, customers can rely on competent service and support from Pro-Ject distributors well versed in analogue record reproduction technology. Pro-Ject products exhibit sonic performance beyond all expectations normally associated with their price. They are simple to use, maintenance free and will function reliably for a lifetime. They also offer extraordinary value for money.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Rotel, it is a family owned, 50-year-old business, whose success has been earned by devoting its efforts to nothing but making audio/video products for music fanatics. Today, the “family” includes an international group of engineers, designers, music and movie enthusiasts, and professional audio business people from many countries including Japan, UK, USA, China and Korea. Rotel continuously strives to make home entertainment electronics that compare favorably with products costing many times their retail value, perfect for building custom home theaters at a low budget. Rotel is very selective about raw component selection and meticulous circuit design. As a result, over the past 50 years, audio critics around the globe have come to recognize Rotel as one of the best performance/value manufacturers in the industry.

The Leon Speakers Corporation, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader in high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Leon Speakers pioneered the design, research and development, and refinement of high-fidelity on-wall loudspeakers. Leon meticulously handcrafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into your luxury New York City space.

Constellation Audio was founded on the premise that one cannot create something extraordinary through slavish adherence to established methods. When tradition is the best path, we embrace it. When new technology is necessary to achieve the performance we want, we invent it. When we find a radical circuit topology that delivers a substantial advance in sound quality, we use it.

Initially making its name in amplifiers and preamplifiers, Parasound has delved into other categories such as preamplifier processors, universal disc players, tuners, and even in-wall loudspeakers. Parasound also recently launched a higher end line called ‘Halo’ to much critical acclaim. Also new are the NewClassic line, fresh updates of classic products with new technology. Other notable products include the Parasound Halo JC2 Preamp, the Halo A 51 amplifier, the Parasound Model 2100 preamp and the Parasound Model 2250 amp.

At Technics we understand that the listening experience is not purely about technology but the magical and emotional relationship between people and music. We want people to experience music as it was originally intended and enable them to feel the emotional impact that enthuses and delights them. Through this experience, we want to support the development and enjoyment of the world’s many musical cultures. This is our philosophy. With a combination of our love of music and the vast high-end audio experience of the Technics team, we stand committed to building a brand that provides the ultimate emotive musical experience by music lovers, for music lovers.

Shunyata Research’s factory is located across the Puget Sound from Seattle, in Poulsbo, Washington. Shunyata’s factory has 18,000 sq. feet of work space and offices to support 16 employees, most of whom have been with the company since its inception. All Shunyata products, with the exception of the most affordable Venom Series, are designed and manufactured by hand; packaged, stored and shipped at Shunyata’s Washington State factory.

PrimaLuna is a brand of tube-electronics established in 2003 by Herman van den Dungen, a high-end distributor from The Netherlands. More than 30 years of high-end experience in the fields of design, manufacturing, export, import, retail, and after-sales-service is the basis for a range of affordable and reliable, yet highly-musical products. Together with Marcel Croese (of Goldmund fame) and Dominique Chenet (of Jadis fame) he is heading his team to bring simply the best products with the best service for a best price. At PrimaLuna we all know what the customer wants and deserves.

Founded in 1982 by Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby, Paradigm would later become a top-rated speaker manufacturer, consistently earning rave reviews from consumers and critics across the globe. With their own sound research and development facilities based in Toronto, Canada, Paradigm boasts a 33,000 cubic foot anechoic chamber and two double-blind listening rooms to test each and every product they produce. With this in mind, it’s easy to see that the engineers at Paradigm take audio performance seriously.

We are committed to technically superior high fidelity solutions. We do not bend to marketing hype or accepted ‘dogma’. We apply the highest standards of design, engineering and production practices. These practices are used to develop design and evaluation models that guide product and system development based on the results of our listening tests. We do not allow engineering dogma to prevent exploration of a new path when listening test indicates exciting paths forward. Nor do we fall back on ‘audiophile’ dogma or marketing hype that lead down a dead-end path. Our approach results in products and systems that provide a better, more compelling musical listening experience, a higher value path to achieve this experience and deeper levels of satisfaction in the long term in your New York City home.

GoldenEar’s founders and their engineering team have hundreds of years of combined experience and have created or helped to create many of the world’s best-sounding and best-selling loudspeakers. We have joined together again to build our finest speakers ever. We call our newest loudspeaker company GoldenEar Technology because, in our industry, a ‘golden ear’ is someone who hears exceptionally well. The industry and audiophile press have consistently praised us over the years for our “golden ears” and all the many loudspeaker accomplishments that our unique talents have helped us to achieve.

Wolf Cinema is committed to providing the highest quality reference projectors for the discerning enthusiast. We specialize in studio quality displays that can reproduce the image in your dedicated home theater as the cinematographer intended you to see it. Our solutions are not only reference imagers, but designed to meet the demands of custom installation, systems integration, control, flexibility and longevity. Wolf Cinema is positioned at the pinnacle of the front projection home video market. Our team delivers advanced solutions that produce the highest fidelity images, coupled with some of the most dedicated service and partner support teams in the industry. Of our two primary missions - performance and reliability - the latter may be the most difficult to achieve but the one most appreciated by our end-users and dealers alike. No matter how fantastic an image may appear, if the projector is not working the result is a challenged dealer service team and an unsatisfied customer. All Wolf Cinema projectors enjoy an enviable reputation for rugged, near-bulletproof reliability due to our extensive engineering, testing and quality control expertise.

Listen to tranquility. See with closed eyes. Become one with the music. Have the best seat in the concert hall. Front row tickets. Feel the music. Totally immerse yourself in it. Share our fascination with. Call us conservative, but quality is more than just a word to us and our fine German engineering. It is our passion. That is why no speaker leaves the ELAC factory without thorough German approval.

As any true audiophile will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity. So when we design a piece of equipment, perfection isn’t the goal but the starting point. Our engineers spare no expense sourcing the best materials from around the world, and they only release new products when they exceed all expectations. That’s why the whole industry looks to us to raise the bar and then set it again. But we don’t have to tell you that--you can experience it with every note.

Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Store, Kaleidescape brings together all the movies in your Long Island home in a visually stunning library, making it beautifully simple to access and enjoy movies that truly matter to you in your dedicated home theater or media room. When you’re in the mood for something new, our store offers thousands of titles--with new movies available in Blu-ray quality often weeks before they become available on Blu-ray disc. Kaleidescape is the heart and soul of your home entertainment system, powering your high-end speakers and large-screen displays with professional-grade hardware and pristine Blu-ray quality movies. Local storage of all your movies provides a predictable playback experience so they can be instantly enjoyed in stunning audio and video quality with no compression, artifacts, or buffering.

Every audio enthusiast’s goal is to achieve effortless, articulate and dynamic bass that supports musical and cinematic presentations with equal aplomb. JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all those areas within reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages. Accomplishing this has required unique approaches to driver and electronics design that truly set our products apart including our groundbreaking driver platforms, uncommonly powerful switching amplifiers and advanced signal processing packages. All of the ingredients have been carefully integrated to make the audio experience in your Hamptons home reach new levels of excellence.

When it comes to performance, everything that does not go into showroom appearance and needless bells and whistles in NAD equipment goes instead into internal component parts of extremely high quality. Inside our gray boxes you will find parts you otherwise would see only in very expensive equipment. We put our focus on the inside, where it counts and you can hear the results in your New York City home.

Classé is Canada’s leading maker of high-performance music and theater components. Since building our first amplifier in 1980, passion and dedication have inspired the research that yields Classé’s outstanding no-compromise electronics. Classé designs and manufactures audiophile quality, home theater electronic components including: Delta Series, Custom Theater Series, DVD/CD players, surround-sound receivers and preamplifiers, multi-channel power amplifiers, single channel amplifiers, and digital tuners.

The Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine is an exceptionally well-designed machine designed for the thorough and careful cleaning of all vinyl records to bring them back to their former glory. The Award Winning Okki Nokki is a quality product designed in the Netherlands and consists of a heavy-duty motor/turntable and vacuum system encased in a compact aluminum chassis.

Master & Dynamic is a New York City-based, design-driven, premium audio brand obsessed with the interaction between sound and creativity. We believe that mastery is a never-ending exploration that requires both disciplined routine and a perpetually dynamic approach. It’s about constant creative evolution – to be a master is to never stop learning and pushing your skill. It is a title that must be earned anew each and every day. We believe sound is an essential creative element. Sound helps us move through our process. It is both the inspiration and the soundtrack to our creativity. We see our headphones as modern thinking caps: tools to help focus, inspire and transport your mind.

Grado Labs was founded by Joseph Grado in 1953 in Brooklyn. Over the past 61 years, Grado has become famous for its remarkable headphone and phono cartridge designs. Joseph Grado is responsible for more innovations in phono cartridge design than any other person in our lifetime, inventing the stereo moving coil phono cartridge and holding more than 48 patents. Today their headphones are still handmade in Brooklyn, NY. The third generation headphones, the e-series, represent a new paradigm in performance and value.

At Audeze we remove the boundaries between artist and listener. Our products combine revolutionary acoustic engineering and beautiful craftsmanship to provide the finest listening experience. Our headphones’ best-in-class accuracy makes them an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available. First discovered by audiophiles, now professional engineers and music producers are using our headphones as their new reference. We’re proud to present our product guide that briefly covers some of our technology and specifications. However, no product guide can ever do our products justice. The only way to truly appreciate our headphones is listening to them.

For more than 65 years, Stewart has been the consistent choice of discerning clientele around the world. Aesthetic-conscious architects, consultants, systems designers, and property owners rely on Stewart Filmscreen for the perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design, and dedicated support, and we consistently deliver. Providing the most immersive experience in the industry, Stewart has a projection screen to meet the needs of your Long Island home theater.

Ortofon is the world’s leading specialist and a developer of acclaimed HiFi phono cartridges, tonearms and high-end audio cables. Our products provide the most faithful and correct reproduction of analog recorded sound. Ortofon DJ cartridges, styli and headphones are applauded by DJs, musicians and discerning listeners alike. Delivering highly accurate sound reproduction, Ortofon Concorde and OM cartridges are the DJ community’s favorite choice.

Today’s modern homes are infused with Panasonic technologies designed to make your life easier-from 3D HDTVs to digital cameras that recognize your friends to vacuum cleaners that tell you when your work is done. With our homes being a hub for work and play, imagine a communications system that brings it all together and lets you stay in touch no matter where you are in your home--out by the pool, in the home office, or the exercise room. A unified, smart home automation Communications System from Panasonic will efficiently and seamlessly route calls, help you keep an eye on things and generally make managing your home easier--whether it’s to open your front door and greet visitors or keep tabs on your children in their playroom.

HiFi never went away.
It just never went wireless.
Until now.

Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally-perfect high-fidelity audio. As designers, engineers and individuals who have spent our lives in the music industry, we are not satisfied with anything less than perfection. We’re many of the same people from world-famous NAD that pioneered Hi-Fi in the 70s, and we continue to relentlessly pursue innovative technologies and faithful music reproduction. We’re not just another computer company. We’re all about sound.

Engineered exclusively for custom integration, the world’s first cloud-based media server connects music lovers to the greatest selection and highest quality of content. Sync, schedule, control and distribute multiple streams of audio to all zones and locations in your Hamptons home. The experience is limited only by your design.

It feels good to know you’re buying furniture that’s made right, and at home. The promise of reliability, strength and longevity is founded in our local roots, marked by over 60 years of innovation and fine craftsmanship. Surround HTS is a command central for a full entertainment experience. From dedicated home theaters to everyday spaces, Surround HTS redefines your room with the ultimate in entertainment seating.

For more than two decades, Anthem® has manufactured award-winning high-end audio/video equipment for music, home theater and distributed audio. Our products are used at all levels of music reproduction and sold internationally.

Anthem products allow you to virtually ‘be there’ every time you listen to a favorite piece of recorded music or experience the excitement of surround-sound home theater. Our reputation in analog and digital design is legendary and our products continue to receive industry awards and acclaim in the finest magazines. Around the world, Anthem is consistently the brand of choice for leaders in the field of music and entertainment.

Our original goal was to create a high-end product without a high-end price. Our success is reflected in an award-winning product lineup that continues to set new reference standards of performance regardless of price.

The Anthem difference is audible: you hear it in every product we provide.

For nearly 30 years SUMIKO have provided the finest array of phono cartridges to discriminating analog enthusiasts around the world. The long list of iconic models produced or imported by SUMIKO reads like a “who’s who” of analog audio’s illustrious past.

GRACE, KISEKEI, SUPEX, KOETSU, TALISMAN, ALCHEMEST, VIRTUOSO and the SHO phono cartridges were all made available via SUMIKO channels of distribution over the past three decades.

In BDI, you’ll find a collection of furniture pieces that are unique, functional and great looking. Our Home Theater furniture is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today’s electronics, and do so while enriching the home and the home theater experience. BDI was the first to introduce innovations such as hidden wheels, adjustable shelves, cable management and flow-through ventilation as standard features. A BDI Home Theater system successfully merges functional innovation with original and exciting Design.

For twenty years, Salamander Designs has been passionate about designing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality and customizable entertainment furniture. As an award-winning industry leader, we build furniture that is shaped by your needs.

Creating functional furniture that seamlessly integrates your lifestyle with today’s technology is our mission. We consider our Design Philosophy to be the perfect fusion of visual design, functional engineering and solid craftsmanship.

The Salamander Difference is more than just the sum of its parts. It is the total package. We believe that our furniture should enhance the overall experience you seek, while meeting the specific needs of your Long Island home.

Established in 1945 in Wedemark, Germany, Sennheiser is the acknowledged world leader in microphone technology, RF-wireless and infrared sound transmission, headphone transducer technology, and in the development of active noise-cancellation. Their Audiophile headphones deliver exceptional performance and continue to push the envelope of perfection.

Sennheiser Electronic Corporation (SEC) is the U.S.’ wholly-owned subsidiary, with headquarters in Old Lyme, Connecticut. SEC represents all Sennheiser products in the United States. Their commitment to the world of audio is simple: they offer products that provide the finest combination of performance and value available anywhere, and back them up with superlative service.

Musical Fidelity represents the best of British hi-fi. We’re proud to have won worldwide praise from our earliest amplifiers to our latest digital designs; every one expertly engineered -- as our name promises -- for natural, authentic sound. We combine 30+ years of audio expertise with the latest technical innovations to create powerful hi-fi separates offering exceptional performance, superb build quality and excellent value for money. Our unique range embraces both traditional and modern means of hi-fi, from vinyl-boosting phono stages via bit-perfect CD players through to unique solutions for music-streaming and ultra-high-resolution downloads -- all backed by powerful, state-of-the-art amplifiers.

Whatever type of music you enjoy and however you want to hear it, we have a hi-fi answer here at Musical Fidelity.