Audio Den Client Care

Industry-leading service and support

We've been customer-centric for four decades.

Audio Den was built on the principle that excellent customer service is the foundation of any business.  As part of our ongoing effort to provide you the best service possible, we are introducing Audio Den Care.

Modern home integration systems allow an unprecedented amount of remote troubleshooting and support, and Audio Den Care aims to provide system monitoring and support that is proactive and seamless.

Our plans provide value and peace of mind. Protect your investment in your home and sign up for Audio Den Care today. Have more than one residence or require a custom plan? Contact us for more information and personalized plans.




Remote Technology Management

Technology lets us take support to the next level with remote support and management. With a small appliance attached to your network, we are able to securely access and troubleshoot not only the network itself but, in many cases, the devices attached the network in your home. Here are some of the features that remote support offers: (note: not all features may be available)

      • ISP Monitoring: Don't let your internet service provider slow you down. We monitor your internet connection to make sure you have the bandwidth you need and pay for to operate buffer-free.
      • Offline Device Alerts: We are notified if network devices go offline, hopefully before you even notice and attempt to resolve the issue remotely.
      • Remote Firmware Updates: We can update firmware and software to many of your devices remotely, preventing us from having to roll a truck and saving you money.
      • Remote programming: Have us make some modifications to the program in your Home Automation Controller or lighting controls. New cable box? New lighting scene for the holidays?  It's included in Audio Den Care!


    Annual Preventative Maintenance Visit

    Our annual preventative maintenance visit is included with all Audio Den Client Care plans. This visit allows us to check on the aspects we are unable to remotely and ensure every piece of equipment in your home is working at its best. We'll test all components, replace alkaline remote batteries, check component performance, perform software and firmware updates, and ensure sensitive equipment is free of dust and debris. We'll also answer any questions that may have come up and address any new concerns.

    Dedicated support line for Audio Den Client Care customers

    When you call Audio Den, your call will reach a dedicated Audio Den Client Care service professional who will provide front-line remote support for your service issue. This service professional has the ability to remotely access and diagnose many of your home’s installed systems. Some issues are complex or may require advanced support requiring an on-site service call. These services fall outside the scope of our client care plan and are billed at prevailing rates.

    Internet Monitoring

    Our team will routinely check your internet connection to ensure it is functioning properly so that you can browse the web, stream video, and access your system remotely trouble-free.

    Remote monitoring and rebooting of devices

    Our monitoring equipment will keep an eye on your network-connected hardware to make sure it is responding correctly.  In the event of any malfunction, our monitoring system will alert us, so we can start working on it promptly - possibly before you even know there’s a problem.

    Remote firmware and software upgrades

    Our team will regularly check to make sure your hardware has the latest firmware and software installed so that your system continues to perform at its best and integrate seamlessly with new devices.

    Priority scheduling

    Audio Den Client Care Plus customers will receive priority when scheduling support calls. 

    Loaner Equipment

    Audio Den Client Care Plus subscribers will receive loaner equipment, as available, to reduce or eliminate system downtime. Make sure this weekend's pool party goes off without a hitch and the surround sound in the den is ready for the big game.

    Multi-Home Plans

    Multi-Home service plans are built on a custom basis. Please talk to us to discuss your particular situation and needs.


    Audio Den Remote Support

    If requested by your Support Specialist, click the icon above to provide remote access to your computer.


    View the Audio Den Client Care Terms and Conditions.