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Custom Motorized Blinds and Shade Automation Solutions for Your Home

If you’re interested in smart home automation that maximizes aesthetics, convenience, and smart energy savings, motorized shading is a great investment. Using motorized blinds and a shade controller, you can reduce your power bills, improve the comfort of your living space, and make your day-to-day life easier- all while making your home look its best. At Audio Den, we’ve serviced the greater Long Island, Brooklyn, and NYC areas for more than 40 years and continue to provide the best home automation and audio video solutions and services. We specialize in the installation of Lutron motorized shading. If you’re interested in the benefits and details about motorized shading with electric blinds or shades, keep reading to learn more and contact us for a custom automated motorized blinds proposal for your NYC or Hamptons home.

What Are Lutron Motorized Shades?

Lutron Shades use a high-quality motorized unit, as well as a variety of different textile-based shades, to provide an automated solution for all of your window shade needs. They can be raised and lowered using a shade control, or automated to improve your quality of life, and ensure that your shades are always in the proper position- whatever the time of day or season.

Our automated shading solutions from Lutron are installed by our factory-trained professional integration technicians who will help specify the best solution for your home. We offer hundreds of different fabrics and textiles to either blend with your current decor and complement the work of your Interior Designer or Architect, or the motorized shades can be central to the design and be used to add a pop of color or accent. Of course, we work very closely with your Interior Designer, Project Manager, or Architect and, with your input, select the perfect shade fabric for your residence.

What are Lutron Sivoia Electric Automated Blinds?

Lutron Sivoia Electric Blind solutions are grouped into two families: Horizontal Sheer Blinds and Wood Blinds. Both of these solutions can be automated by our Home Automation Solutions, allowing full integration and app control.

Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Horizontal sheer blinds are industry-leading products comprised of fabric veins overlaid in sheer layers which provide the optimal blend of filtered sunlight in any room in your home. The horizontal sheer blinds also control your view to the outside. The fabric shear layers offer a layer of privacy even when the veins are open. Lastly, the top treatment of the blind can be customized to match the specified fabric or even custom finishes. We offer truly custom blinds for NYC and Long Island.

Wood Blinds

Electronic wood blinds are available in a variety of colors and finishes as well as up to three valence styles and decorative tapes. There is a blind window treatment solution to compliment any home decor. The electronic wood blinds are available in Basswood and Eden Wood and shape can be accommodated up to 120 in. wide and 120 in. high. These motorized blinds offer independent control by window of lift and tilt giving the NYC homeowner seamless control. We are also able to program recall settings in which the window treatments will always return to a specified position based on scene. These presets can be grouped and defined for both a single blind and a series of lines in a group. Audio Den provides and supports a variety of window treatments to New York homeowners.

Motorized Shades and Electric Blinds Automation

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of motorized shade projects is the ability to seamlessly integrate with a professionally installed home automation solution and system from industry-leading brands such as Control4 and Savant. With built-in integration, some simple programming allows your Lutron Shades to communication with the Home Automation System in your home. This provides an almost infinite array of configurations and seamless control. Your shades can be programmed to function in concert with specific lighting scenes, time of day, season, and by activity. Shades lower just before the sun sets to block out glare and raise just as the sun rises, if you so choose. 

Press the "Apple TV" or "Blu-Ray" button on your Control4 handheld remote as you lay on the couch after a long day at work. As if by magic, the lights dim to the "movie watching" scene, the shades drop to block out the late summer evening glare, the TV turns on, the stereo system selects the correct input and turns on the surround-sound system in your family room. You can flip through Netflix's latest releases or watch the Marvel movie you missed in theaters. All from truly a single-click on whatever device is most convenient for you- whether it be an in-wall touchscreen, handheld remote, or your iPhone or Android phone. This is what we mean when we say home automation and no one offers a better client experience than Audio Den. 

The Benefits Of Motorized Lutron Shades

Wondering why you should use motorized window shades and blinds in your home? Here are a couple of the biggest benefits offered by these high-quality motorized systems.

Automatic deployment in winter and summer

In the winter, motorized blinds and shades can be automated to raise themselves during sunny weather, ensuring that natural light from the sun warms your home. In the summer, your motorized shades can be lowered during the hottest parts of the day, keeping the sun out, and ensuring the efficiency of your HVAC systems. It permits natural and free energy to warm your home and works in conjunction with your automated HVAC control and home automation system.

Glare reduction and protection of furnishings

The harsh sunlight can cause glare in home offices, living rooms, and other areas. It makes it really tough to enjoy your new OLED TV or front projector in your home theater! In addition, UV rays penetrate through glass, which can cause premature wear on expensive leather and wood furnishings, as well as textiles. Block harmful UV rays with motorized blinds and shades.

Simplified safety and security

You can protect your home, and restrict the view from outside with a single push of a button, using the “Away” feature of Lutron Shades. There’s no need to walk around your home, closing each shade or blind individually. This security feature can also be integrated with your smart home to synchronize lowering shades, turning off unnecessary interior lights, and turning the outdoor landscape lighting on.

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