Professional Home Network Installation

Today's Smart Homes require enterprise-grade wired and wireless networks

Today's world runs on internet-connected devices, and trying to keep them all connected and functioning at an adequate speed becomes more difficult as more devices are added to the network, especially in larger homes. Count how many devices are in your home: every member likely has a cell phone, tablet, and computer. Add a few TVs, game consoles, media streamers, cameras, printers, scanners, a smart refrigerator and washer/dryer. For a family of four, that's over 20 devices. The integration of a Home Automation solution can add 50-100 more devices. Parties and guests quickly add to this number. It's no surprise that the WiFi router that came from your internet service provider isn't going to cut it and the DIY solution from the big box store isn't any better and requires configuration by the homeowner.

If your family is experiencing slow speeds, video lags, and drops, a professional wireless network installation can get your family connected with fewer interruptions and disruption and provide the infrastructure needed to accommodate all of your families connected devices. In years past a retail level network could usually meet home connectivity needs but with today's reliance on devices and home automation systems, the only real solution is a professional-grade network that provides the connectivity, reliability, and security that you expect. If you cringe every time your kids want to invite some friends over because you dread the constant complaints about the slow internet or finally get a chance to sit on the couch and binge your favorite Netflix series only to see the buffer wheel, it is time to upgrade your network. We are proud to service the greater Long Island, Brooklyn, and NYC areas and provide the wired and wireless network solutions that work for our clients and leave network concerns behind.

Home Network Installation IOT Smart Home
We can review your needs and recommend the right customized system for your family. Audio Den is a full-service telecommunications company and offers industry-leading products and support to complement our wireless network installations.
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Automated homes are also increasing the need for professional home networks. The more devices that are connected to your network the slower it can become. Whether you are utilizing a wired or wireless system or have a need for HDTV, IPTV, media servers, lights, shades, security, VoIP phones, or appliance connectivity, we can help. All of these conveniences rely on the central network to function, and an unreliable or spotty network can have a significant, and negative, impact on your day-to-day life.

Invariably, once one aspect of the home is automated, such as the HVAC system, additional automation soon follows as our clients enjoy the convenience of home automation solutions. With consumer-grade networks, each addition to the network causes more strain and that is when the annoyances and problems begin. Security and reliability are the two main areas of focus for our network solutions for our residential and commercial clients. If you are tired of trying to find workarounds with big box store solutions, it is time to call in the professionals.


Networks are only as good as their reliability. If your devices are constantly dropping in o out, or streaming a show has become impossible due to buffering and video lags, we can help. Consider the network the hub of all of your home's automation and wireless needs. This hub, when professionally installed, coordinates all of the communication between your devices, your appliances, HDTVs, and the like. When the network is pushed to its upper limits problems like slow speeds and drops occur. Have you experienced a dropped phone call when moving around your home? Our WiFi controllers enable your phone call to hand-off between wireless access points around your home to make sure the WiFi connection is seamless and consistent- so dropped phone calls are a thing of the past. Piecemeal networking can often create more problems than they are meant to solve. The proper network size is pivotal in providing the connectivity that keeps your home and family connected. We can assess the telecommunication and network needs for your family and your home, and ensure that your network is properly installed to provide the connectivity that you need. Our professional team will review all of your telecommunication needs and build a solution that not only meets today's needs but offers room to grow.
Professional Home Network Installation
It's time to move beyond the frustration of a slow network and enjoy a solution that is custom designed to meet your very specific needs.

In some instances, a redundant Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be part of your solution, especially in areas where there are frequent outages. When you have this redundancy in place, you can expect a higher level of connectivity, and we can better access your network remotely when there are issues of outages. When a seamless connection is vital for either your work or your family's needs, we will often recommend a redundant carrier.


In addition to the fast connection that you desire, a professional wireless network will also provide the security that you need. We can monitor your network remotely to ensure that any issues with security or connectivity are addressed immediately. Our team is always on hand to provide the support that makes Audio Den a top telecommunication choice for the Long Island, Brooklyn and NYC areas. An impenetrable network starts at the network level, and when your system is built correctly from the ground up, you no longer have to worry about insecure wifi networks that put out the welcome sign for hackers and other nefarious agents. If you access sensitive work data due to remote work we can adjust for those needs as well. Whatever your requirements, we are your trusted networking professionals.
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We install the necessary software and hardware to keep your home and data protected and provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your system is secure.

Extra add-ons that your professional network installation can provide

When we install the network in your home, we can also install extra features that help your home to become even more connected. For example, automated home solutions can be upgraded with phone systems to allow for intercom uses between the various rooms of the home. These systems are a boon for families in large houses that have people spread out from room to room and floor to floor. Speak with your Audio Den technician to learn more about the helpful network features that are available to make your daily life simpler! Audio Den is the top home wireless network installation, design, and consulting firm that services the greater Long Island, Brooklyn and NYC areas. If you require wifi installation at home or whole house network setup, our experts can provide the highest quality service and advice. Call us today to schedule a consultation to learn more.
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