Our dedicated staff and the services we offer define who we are as a company.  We take pride in delivering a first class client experience – working diligently to keep our staff well-trained and focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations.  Our role as your technology advocates begins with an initial discovery meeting through the completion of your project and our impeccable after-sales support.  Whether you want to upgrade your office in New York City or automate your home in Long Island, we help you through the process.


The first step in a successful A/V integration or smart home automation project is establishing a scope of work and determining what it will take to achieve the desired outcome. Relying on our extensive experience designing and installing integrated systems, Audio Den will engage you in a thoughtful discussion – to ascertain your needs and review the products and solutions available to meet them. We will advise you on what brands and technologies are reliable, put you up to speed on the latest innovations on the market and answer any questions you might have. With our collaborative consultation approach we will share ideas and creative suggestions on how best to incorporate the latest technologies into your home or work life.

Design & Engineering

Comprehensive and thoughtful system design is essential to longevity, functionality and reliability in any A/V or smart automation system. By paying careful attention to the myriad details involved with smart-home technology and integrated systems, Audio Den will engineer a system for you that provides consistent performance and expandability. We consider all aspects of the project during the design stage – including wiring infrastructure, hardware selection, control device placement, user interface design and power management. In addition, Audio Den is skilled at blending our equipment with architectural elements and interior aesthetics in your home. We coordinate with architects, engineers, interior designers, electricians, general contractors and sub-contractors.

Lighting Design

Our in-house design team will work in hand with your lighting designer and architect to automate the lights in your home or business. Together we will create an efficient and elegant lighting control solution that intelligently illuminates your space – satisfying your need for functional lighting and pleasing aesthetics. Simply provide us with the documentation for your fixture specifications, placement and electrical signals and we will design a lighting automation system to fit your budget. By combing our technical acumen and extensive experience, we will beautifully elevate the lighting experience of your Hamptons space – offering you one-touch operation, pre-set scenes and the ability to monitor and control the lights from off-site.

Project Management

Taking a project from any size, be it a full home automation or a home theater build, from an initial idea and seeing it through to the end requires effective planning and allocation of resources. Competent project management is the only way to guarantee a project will be finished on time and within budget. Audio Den’s dedicated project managers oversee all aspects of the integration process, maintaining constant communication with the property owner, general contractor and subcontractors. Job sites are dynamic environments. Given the multi-faceted nature of integrating the different subsystems in a home or office (audio, video, lighting control, climate, CCTV surveillance, networking, etc.), having a reliable, experienced person on site makes all the difference. Audio Den takes a proactive approach to project management, always putting your needs ahead of everything else.

Wire Installation

Even though you can’t see it inside the walls, low voltage wiring provides the infrastructure that enables all your systems to function properly. The performance and reliability of your audio, video, CCTV, networking and lighting control are impacted by the quality of the wire installation. Audio Den will engineer, install and document a full wiring plan for your home or business. We take great pride in our wire installation work –using only the highest quality products and industry-accepted best practices – thereby maximizing system performance and allowing for easier maintenance and future upgrades.


Assembling all the pieces of an integrated system takes skill, precision and a lot of finesse. Different products and technology platforms have nuances that require special know-how and experience to maximize reliability and operability. Audio Den’s in-house, trained technicians receive ongoing education to keep them current with the latest technologies and industry best practices. We draw satisfaction from implementing your custom integrated system with care and attention to detail.


Making sophisticated technology function seamlessly while being easy to use for the end user requires great skill and sophisticated smart automation electronics. A properly engineered control system unifies the operation of all the various subsystems in your home or business—audio, video, lighting and shading control, HVAC and security cameras. Audio Den’s in-house programming team will create an intuitive, robust smart automation platform for all of your integrated systems. No longer will you need a pile of remotes and a stack of manuals to control your home theater or smart home automation system. Instead, Audio Den will hand you one remote to rule them all. In addition, we will empower your iOS or Android device as a fully-functional wireless touch screen. Most importantly, we spend as much time as you need reviewing the functionality and control afforded by your new smart automation system.

System Calibration

Optimizing the audio and video settings for peak performance is a precise and technical endeavor. It requires a trained ear, a keen eye and a palate of sophisticated software and hardware. Audio Den will properly adjust the color balance, contrast, brightness and sharpness of your video display – thereby enhancing your enjoyment of the big game or family movie night in your media room or dedicated home theater system. We will take great care to tune the audio parameters of your system, optimize speaker placement and recommend acoustic treatments for your room to ensure the best possible reproduction of your favorite pieces of music. Audio Den’s passion for making you’re A/V system sound and look like its best with top-level manufacturers like Marantz, Sonos, and McIntosh is what sets us apart from the competition.

Remote System Monitoring

One of the primary advantages afforded by smart home automation technology is the ability to monitor your home or business even when you’re not there in person. Log in remotely with your smart phone or desktop app to view your security cameras, adjust the thermostat, control your lights or simply make sure the kids didn’t leave the garage door open. Audio Den can give you the peace of mind that everything is safe and secure on the home front, even when you’re on the other side of the globe.

Maintenance & Support

Just as your vehicle requires regular maintenance, the same is true with your smart home automation and integrated systems. Audio Den provides ongoing support and system maintenance. If something should go wrong, we are only a phone call or email away. We will respond to your service request be it in the Hamptons, Long Island, or New York City and do so in a timely fashion and remedy the situation quickly. In addition, technical innovations and software updates roll out continuously – new features, performance enhancements and services are introduced on a regular basis. That’s why Audio Den takes a proactive approach to communicating with you about the latest advancement in our industry that can make a difference in your life. We look forward to being your audio, video, technology and automation advocates.