Turntables & Analog Audio

NYC and Long Island's Analog & Turntable Headquarters

Since 1976, Audio Den has offered industry-leading Turntable and Phono Cartridge brands at all price-points four our customers in NYC and Long Island. Our curated product collection is hand-picked for value and performance. Our turntables are set-up, calibrated, and supported by Audio Den's in-house analog technicians and supervised by our Chief Technical Officer and Electrical Engineer, all of whom have over 20 years of experience in analog sales and support. Whether you are in the market for a new turntable or phono preamplifier, are ready to upgrade your cartridge or just need some advice- the Audio Den team is at your service. Unlike other online retailers and big-box stores, every turntable Audio Den sells receives professional in-store installation, free of charge. Let the experts make sure your listening experience is easy and enjoyable.


Cartridge Mounting & Alignment Services

Audio Den offers full-service phono cartridge installation and alignment services performed by our professional in-house technicians.  




Basic Cartridge Installation & Alignment $99
High-Performance Cartridge Installation, Alignment, & VTA Adjustment $175
Computer-Aided Cartridge Installation, Alignment, VTA, & Azimuth Adjustment $300


Computer-aided diagnostics and adjustments optimize performance for the ultimate in analog listening.
Our computer-aided alignment and calibration is performed only by our Chief Technical Officer and, due to the time required, availability is limited.


Record Cleaning, Cartridges & Accessories